6000 tph on each 72" Belt Conveyor @ 1020 fpm with a 2000 HP Drive
5445 mtph on each 1829 mm Belt Conveyor @ 5.18 m/s with a 1491 kW Drive
Two Coal Conveyors Feed Two Silos that Load 20+ Unit Trains per Day

101.5% Accuracy
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Perfect Simulation Has Been Proven on a Long Overland Conveyor
You Can Design Bulk Materials Handling Systems with Confidence

Major Price Reduction
PRO-BELT Version EM7.0 only $1,000
Both English (US) and Metric (SI) Units
Belt Conveyors, Belt Feeders, and Pulley Shafts
Horizontal Curves and Pipe Conveyors
Runs on Windows 7 or 10, Mac OSX, or Linux
Free shipping worldwide

We have a new method for running on Windows 7 or 10, Mac OSX, or Linux
using Oracle's VirtualBox virtual machine that is included with PRO-BELT
and installing Windows XP Pro (SP3) that is also included.

Call me at 303-927-6937 to learn how or read the details below.

Running PRO-BELT on Computers with the Windows 7, 8, 10, 32-bit CPU, 64-bit CPU, 
Apple Mac OSX, or Linux Operating Systems.

Setup Details for Running PRO-BELT on Windows 7, 8, 10, 32-bit CPU, 64-bit CPU, 
Apple Mac OSX, or Linux operating Systems.

Click here to read more about the awesome accuracy of PRO-BELT.

Click here to see an example nine page conveyor design report in English units.

Click here to see an example nine page conveyor design report in Metric units.

PRO-BELT running on a Dell laptop
Windows 7
(Click image to see an enlargement)

PRO-BELT running on a Toshiba tablet
Windows 10
(Click image to see an enlargement)

Do you have one or two conveyors to design? We can design your conveyors for you at a very reasonable price of $300 each without pulley shaft design or $600 each with pulley shaft design. This special price applies to small and medium in-plant conveyors. Call (303) 927-6937 for special prices on overland conveyors or larger projects. Kent R. Rieske, Professional Mechanical Engineer.

has been used to analyze a 12,345 meter (7.67 miles) long existing conveyor with awesome accuracy as proven by field measurements. Calculation results are highly accurate.

is easy to learn.  A person with very little belt conveyor, belt feeder, or bulk materials handling experience can quickly design any conveyor system with full confidence. My personal, unlimited, free technical assistance is available to insure your work is accurate.  Kent R. Rieske, Professional Designers & Engineers, Inc.

is used worldwide.

PRO-BELT performs rock solid calculations quickly and easily with a report printout of presentation quality. You can zoom through the input screens and see your results pages as you go. Error messages on screen and in the report will keep your work within the bounds of accurate belt conveyor, belt feeder and pulley shaft design.

PRO-BELT Version 6.0 is a package of four computer programs for the design of Belt Conveyors, Belt Feeders and Pulley Shafts. PRO-BELT is used by hundreds of companies in North America for belt conveyor design, and the metric version is used worldwide. We have twenty-seven years of extensive experience with the design of thousands of belt conveyors and belt feeders showing proven performance. One customer saved $25,000 on his first day of use by switching from another belt conveyor software package to PRO-BELT. This was achieved because of our exceeding high degree of accuracy. It prevents unnecessary over-design expenses and eliminates costly under-design errors. It is available in Imperial (English) units or Metric (SI) units.

designs horizontal curves in overland belt conveyors.

PRO-BELT Version 7.0 includes all of the programs in Version 6.0 plus a program for the design of horizontal curves in overland belt conveyors.

Design Curves in Overland Conveyors with Confidence
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is easy to use.

PRO-BELT is very easy to use on any IBM-DOS compatible computer through Windows XP.  We have also developed a method whereby PRO-BELT can be run on all new computers with Windows 7, Windows 10, 32-bit, and 64-bit CPU design. PRO-BELT features a shadow box pop-up multi-level menu system. Use the mouse for moving, pointing, selecting and canceling menu commands. Operation is even faster by pressing the first letter of the command to zoom from one menu to the next.

will design any belt conveyor.

Design all belt conveyor sizes from 16" to 120" (400mm to 3000mm) belt widths with idler troughing angles from zero degree flat belts up to 45 degrees, and even catenary idler systems. Design and analyze all belt conveyor profiles with head pulley drives, return belt drives or tail pulley drives. Dual pulley drives and booster drive stations are also possible. Two conveyor programs are included; one for regular flat or uphill conveyors and the other for downhill regenerative conveyors. The program to use depends on the relationship of the drive and the take-up counterweight. PRO-BELT allows any configuration, even unusual designs, such as inclined conveyors with tail drives or regenerative conveyors with head drives.

allows any length without limit.

Design any length overland belt conveyor without limit. Divide the conveyor into as many as 24 sections as desired. Fully load, partially load or unload any section for running special conveyor loading simulations. You can quickly run multiple load cases to simulate any operating condition.

PRO-BELT calculates idler loading, belt tensions, motor sizing, acceleration, coasting, brake, backstop and many other requirements. PRO-BELT now allows the input of special custom designed idler sizes and characteristics. An "Error" message screen insures that results are correct.

Concave and convex vertical curves are designed for curve radius, idler loading, belt lift, belt stress and belt buckling restrictions.

View and graph the bulk material discharge trajectory for the conveyor. The double line graph shows both the material at the belt line and the material at the top of the mass.

is flexible.

PRO-BELT allows custom factors for variations away from the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association standards. Our special Ky and Kx Multipliers allow for the design of non-standard conveyors, such as high angle high lift conveyors, flat belt pocket conveyors and pipe conveyors. You can add or subtract belt tension in any section to simulate special equipment associated with the belt conveyor. Tripper and reversing conveyors are easily analyzed. Select the custom idler command to specify your own idler sizes and friction factors which are outside the normal CEMA specifications.

designs belt feeders, apron feeders & chain drag conveyors.

PRO-BELT also includes the best belt FEEDER design program available. We developed our proprietary feeder simulation formulas because no accurate standards are available. Our analysis has been thoroughly tested in the field and has proven to be extremely accurate for all feeder sizes, all bulk materials and any loading conditions. The FEEDER program can be used to design slider bed belt feeders, idler bed belt feeders, apron feeders or drag chain feeders or conveyors. We do it right.

designs pulley shafts.

PRO-BELT also includes an easy to use PULLEY shaft design program. Analyze pulley shafts for deflection at the pulley hub, and combined torsional and bending stress throughout the shaft. Overhung shaft mounted drives can be used, and the extended shaft is analyzed for bending and torsional loads. Shafting material properties are listed in an on-screen table. Keyways are designed for proper size and key selection. The pulley shafts are designed in accordance with ANSI/ASME B106.1M - 1985 standard and the ANSI/CEMA B105.1 - 1992 standard. Frankly, we were many years ahead of CEMA on pulley shaft design.

provides unlimited technical assistance.

PRO-BELT is very easy to use with on-screen F1-HELP windows which are cursor sensitive. No more searching a help menu system to find your answer, and our free technical assistance is only a phone call away. The easy to use manual is complete with section tabs, example problems, drawings, index and a beautiful 8.5" x 11" D-ring binder with slip case box.

PRO-BELT uses a convenient USB style hardlock key to attach to the computer for copy protection. This easy system allows the user to have backup copies of the files or hard drive without concern. A simple setup program is used for installation on your computer. We make it easy.

is very easily justified.

PRO-BELT users have walked away for other computer programs and then reordered multiple copies from us. One user saved $25,000 on his first project by switching to PRO-BELT. He checked another project which was just completed and found he could have saved another $70,000 had he purchased PRO-BELT earlier. Now he has two copies.

is unquestioned in accuracy.

PRO-BELT has been specified by many conveyor system buyers as a requirement for the design of their system by the supplier. Many of these system buyers do not have a personal copy of PRO-BELT, but they have respect for our software due its high degree of accuracy. Please review our example field test reports that prove the outstanding accuracy of our PRO-BELT software.

Click here to read more about the awesome accuracy of PRO-BELT.

versions 6.0 and 7.0 have these added features.

PRO-BELT now allows the selection of a wide range of idlers. The capacity and friction is automatically calculated by the program. The troughing idlers are defined by the troughing angle and the number of rollers per idler as follows:

The surcharge area of the material is determined by the segment of a circle method. All belt edge distances are base on CEMA where the 100% full belt load edge distance = 0.055 x belt width + 0.9" or 0.055 x belt width + 22.9mm.

The belt sag can now be set to any percentage. The previous limit was 1.5% to 3.0%.

The return idlers can have an unlimited number of rollers. A 2-roll "V" configuration is required for conveyors with horizontal curves for proper tracking. A 6-roll idler is generally used on pipe conveyors.

versions 6.0 and 7.0 will design Pipe Conveyors.

PRO-BELT allows the design of Pipe Conveyors quickly and easily. The analysis is just as easy to complete as for a regular belt conveyor. The troughing angle must be set at 360 to enter the Pipe Conveyor design mode. Pipe conveyors generally use idlers with six rollers on both the material carry side and return side. This allows the conveyor to navigate both vertical and horizontal curves. On pipe conveyors without horizontal curves the return belt can be supported on 2-roll "V" idler, if desired. Typical features of a pipe conveyor and typical layout details according to CKIT - The Bulk Materials Handling Portal and Engineering Handbook. Material characteristics; bulk density, angle of repose, surcharge angle, and recommended maximum conveyor slope according to CKIT.

Click here to read more about the awesome accuracy of PRO-BELT.

Click here to view an example conveyor.

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users technical support answers.

Running PRO-BELT on Computers with the Windows 7, Window Vista, 32-bit CPU, 64-bit, CPU, Macintosh, and Linux Operating Systems.

Setup Details for Running PRO-BELT on Windows 7, 64-bit CPU, and Other Operating Systems.

Printing PRO-BELT Reports to an Adobe Acrobat PDF File.

Converting PRO-BELT Reports to a "Rich Text File" or Document.

Printing on a local printer attached to the computer.

Printing to a USB or Wireless Printer.

Printing to a Network Printer.

Printing PRO-BELT Graphs.

What to do when the HARDLOCK KEY is not found by the computer.

Shaft Mounted Reducer Torque Arm Reaction and Pulley Shaft Load.

Calculating Tangent Dimensions for Concave and Convex Vertical Curves.

Melco Conveyor - Table of Bulk Materials Characteristics.

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